SDL_PushEvent and user registered events

I have registered an event to tell me when I receive something from Dropbox.


SDL_DROPBOX_FILELIST = SDL_RegisterEvents( 1 );

SDL_DROPBOX_FILELIST is assigned a value of 32768, or 32769 if I create a second event.

Java code calls a JNI C function when the Dropbox operation is complete so I want to post an SDL user event into my main thread containing the typical SDL event processing loop.

  SDL_Event evt;
  SDL_memset( &evt, 0, sizeof( evt ));
  evt.user.code  = i;
  evt.user.data1 = pszCopy;
  evt.user.data2 = 0;
  int rc = SDL_PushEvent( &evt );

rc returns 1 so it would appear that the SDL_PushEvent() is successful.

My problem is that I never receive the SDL_DROPBOX_FILELIST event in my main thread SDL event handling loop. Is there anything else I need to do or should be aware of?

If I get some more time I can knock up a smaller demo test app etc but just asking the question(s) in the meantime…

My main loop is something like this (edited):

  while( g_Running )
    while( SDL_PollEvent( &event ) )
      switch( event.type ) 
        case SDL_WINDOWEVENT:

// Mouse events handlers here etc

        case SDL_QUIT:
          g_Running = false;

          if( event.type == SDL_DROPBOX_FILELIST )
            LogDebugf( "SDL_DROPBOX_FILELIST" );

Is there an issue with calling SDL_PushEvent() from a thread other than the main loop thread?

Nah… works perfectly fine. Some scoping problems with my switch statement that’s all. I would delete this post if I could.