SDL_PutPuxel/GetPixel and unrelated asm blit question (fwd)

although i have not tested it, i believe putpixel functions
already exist inside of the SDL-demos/screenlib package in the file
pixel.h and

-Don>> > Lots of posts coming by about people who want to add stuff to SDL. I

SDL is fine just as it is, in fact there are a huge number of
functions I’m
unaware of and would never use. Why not take them out :^)?

I see Put/GetPixel as pretty fundamental routines. Most people writing
a game
will end up writing their own. It might just save time to provide one.

I can’t agree. If you want fast graphics you most probably won’t use
put/get pixel but some kind of sprites bliting - simply because calling
this kind of function for every single pixel is damn slow. And I agree
with Neil that I prefer using my own blit which I can trust and about
which I know everything…

This is what I like about SDL - it provides simple interface to
framebuffer. Just personal opinion, of course…


Actually, I used SDL_Rect to do most of the single pixel drawing for my
simple library of low-level graphics primitives. A 1x1 rectangle is a
single pixel, obviously! But I’m not sure how efficient doing business
that way is, to be frank.

Is this a joke ? If it isn’t, that is an example of why I’m reluctant
to use other people’s libraries :^). Note previous discussion of trust.