SDL_rederer, using the gpu

Hi there, is there a way to use shaders with the standard SDL api?
I’m new to SDL and still learning so excuse my ignorance.

I’ve read a good deal about sdl_gpu, the project by Jonathan Nearborn, and it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, but this was in old discussions and in the old forums. I think that this sort of solution should be a part of the standard SDL offering, so maybe something like sdl_gpu has been added to SDL these days… ?

It’s been hard for me to find info on anything SDL, I mean there are learning materials, but it’s scattered and you don’t really know whats up-to-date.
Like what does the std sdl_render use as a backend, ogl 2, 3, any…?
Or does it have many backends like sdl_gpu seems to have, etc.

I think the importance of an easy to use fast api, that is still fully featured, shouldn’t be underestimated, specially in the era that apple is deprecating opengl, and vulkan is coming along. What are new people going to code graphics with? SDL can be an invaluable tool for easy coding, yet again.

Just for clarification, I’m mostly interested in using SDL for mobile, and emscripten, at least at first, so I would be targeting an ogl es 2.0 backend.

Thanks for any response. :slight_smile: