SDL_RenderCopy: shader? on Android Studio

Hi All,

Please I’m using SDL for IOS and MacOS applications in C++ ( objective-C ) and it runs fine.

I’m just starting the same development for Android devices ( meaning jni,cpp ) but I’m facing a strange return code when using SDL_Rendercopy I’m not able to fix.

if ( SDL_RenderCopy(MySdlScreen->renderer,MySdlScreen->sdlTexture,NULL,&destination) < 0 ) {
    LOGE("RenderCopy Error : %s", SDL_GetError());

RenderCopy Error : The specified shader cannot be loaded on the current platform

I tried to instantiate my Texture using these several settings
S->sdlTexture = SDL_CreateTexture(S->renderer,
for showing a Bitmap ( type can be 565 or RGB encoded, 640x480px ), but no luck.

my IDE is Android Studio 2.3, Ndk Pkg.Revision = 14.1.3816874.

I suppose it can be related to the emulator ( here Nexus_5X_API_25_x86 ) but not certain.
Please does anybody already fixed it up ?

I thank you all for your help and support.

Finally, I succeeded by changing the emulator x86 to another…

Hope it will help some of you…