SDL_S is a lightweight portable scripting language built around simple UI calls.


main start
         //can call variable declaration in here or call a function(functions are still a WIP
         var button( 0,0,10,10 );
         //this will draw a psuedo button at x 0 y 0 with the width and height of 10x10

function exampleFunction
           var label( 0,1,10,10,"Hello" );
           //this renders text to the screen at x 0 y 1 with a width and height of 10x10

The idea is to make a portable simple rapid development UI without having to change game code or use imGUI etc. While there are options out there this was mostly for educational purposes and should not be used in a production ready game or program. It’s still in early stages but will be updated as much as possible :slight_smile:

For further reading check out GitHub - Tivoilos/SDL_s: Scripting language for SDL2