SDL setup for IOS game (windows.h not found) with SDL2-2-30.0


I used to be ok on previous installs with SDL2.26.5 following all instructions for compiling my own SDL program on IOS (using documentation in Xcode directory), I had installed my game on iPhone OK; now with SDL2-2-30.0 following the same setup procedure for install on Mac Xcode 14 and using new framework file, whatever program I compile I end up with error : Windows.h file not found, I understand that may come from library; please advise.

In between the 2 installs (2.26.5 and 2.30.0) a few months have gone and I have upgraded Xcode several times (still in the V14/15 range) as well as the IOS version (now 17,2)



Hello, solved my problem, I was mistakenly confusing between my IOS project and SDL project within my project for setting up build phases and other configurations, took me several hours to figure out