SDL_sprite 1.2 Lib ported to dreamcast and other info for you sam

HI IT’s Ian M R from
i ported SDL_quake to dreamcast this is the new site
also just ported this lib

SDL_sprite 1.2 Lib ported

After about an hour, I have sucessfully ported the
SDL_sprite 1.2 Lib!

This library allows sprites to be rendered on the
screen. From the authors page
( authors
site and more info):

“The SDLSprite library SDLSprite ? What’s this ? The
SDLSprite library in based on the CDXSprite library
from the excellent CDX project (but unlikely it’s only
for Windows…). This C++ class contains the datas and
functions required to display animated sprites. A
SDLSprite object is created from BMP picture which is
used to strore data for the sprite. Beware : All the
sprite’s frames must be the same width and height and
stored in the same BMP file.”

I am including the source and a compiled example, as
it may help some coders out there. You can find it on
the Examples page of this site.

im going throu you whole site trying to port every
thing that i can as i love SDL and have refined the
Dreamcast side quiet abit hoping to clean it up and
release the whole lib for dreamcast in a easy to use
way … well MY way i suppose RAD_quake has now 100%
perfect sound only DC controler suport needs to be
added to make it the best quake port for SDL

thanks for your great SDL lib and site makes my life
a happy one

ian aka scene name reaper__________________________________________________
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