SDL_StartTextInput iOS shifts rendering area

Hi there,

I have an application built for iOS and Android. When clicking on some Edit Fields, I call SDL_StartTextInput to make the Keyboard appear, and when the Edit Field is released, I call SDL_StopTextInput so the keyboard disappears if needed. Until here, everything works just fine.

The problem comes on iOS, and specifically, when my device is on Landscape orientation, when I call SDL_StartTextInput, the rendering area is shifted (the shift happens towards left or right, wherever the bottom part of the device is).

Does anybody know what is going on?? I use the UIKit.framework, which I suspect could have something to do with it.

PS: I mentioned the app is built for Android too to point it works on that platform.

I can only state that we do not have this problem on Exult for iOS and we are using UIKit as well