Sdl static linking

Doh!.. I feel stupid… I forgot to put the libraries AFTER the
object file… Thanks for all your help (especially Chris).

Sorry for the OT post,

-LorenOn Mon, 2002-08-26 at 14:48, Loren Osborn wrote:

On Sun, 2002-08-25 at 23:54, Chris Thielen wrote:

when the linker goes through the collects all the symbols it needs, it
only runs through the libs once. meaning if sdl requires x, you have to
list sdl, and then x. so, if sdl_image requires sdl, which reuqires x,
you list them in the order of sdl_image, sdl, and then x.

Yeh… thanks for the reminder, but changing the order of the libraries
didn’t help worth squat… :frowning: I really think there’s some bug in gcc
3.1.1 that it doesn’t understand the .a files… (at least THESE .a