SDL_TTF and Mingw

hi to all,
my unix application use SDL and SDL_ttf and i’m trying to compile it with mingw. i have some problems: SDL_TTF compile correctly with default configuration and generate a SDL_ttf.dll (A) file bigger than SDL_ttf.dll (B) released with binary release of SDL_ttf. well, when i try to use B file the executable start but crash at the moment when should use TTF. And if i use file A … the executable do not start!!! (Application does not initializated correctly at 0xC0000000005 unhandled exception in SDL_TTF.dll etc etc)
what i should do? someone have a SDL_fft.dll file that work correctly?

thanks, Muzero

Well I cant say why B doesn’t work (I was having the same problems).
But as for A not working, were you trying to use ./configure to make the
DLL (under MSYS presumably)?

If so the problem there is that libtool is wrong and tries to create a
DLL with its base address all messed up. I am told you can make the DLL
yourself with gcc -shared after the objects are compiled, but I never
got around to trying it, just made and used the static version. The
only real downside is the dependancies that are needed in every link
line now.

Hope that makes sense and helps :wink: