SDL_ttf and SDL_Image with Conan?

Hi everyone-

I’m setting up an SDL project on Mac OSX Catalina. I want to keep it cross platform as much as possible. Currently I’m compiling on the command line to make sure everything is working well.

Using Conan for SDL was pretty amazing. The bincrafters binary worked right out of the gate and everything worked on the first try.

However, I want to use SDL_TTF and SDL_Image libraries as well and they aren’t currently working on Mac.

Is anyone else here using Conan with SDL? Are there working binaries out there somewhere for TTF and Image?

Just letting anyone who’s interested know that I was able to simply install SDL_ttf to the Library/Frameworks folder, and include it in my Cmakelists.txt, and all is working perfectly now on Catalina.

The Cmake can be a mix of Conan packages and “traditionally” added packages.

Very happy with Conan still.