SDL_ttf ios Xcode complaint config.h under harfbuzz

I did ok with image and now want to add ttf. Follow the same procdure but in compliation it depends upon external files - harfbuzz and freetype. I do not download the source it complaint. Now I download both, it reach the stage where it said “config.h” not found about 2 files

in file included from /Users/kwccoin/Downloads/SDL2-2.30.3-240504a/SDL_ttf-release-2.22.0/external/harfbuzz/src/ and

in file included from /Users/kwccoin/Downloads/SDL2-2.30.3-240504a/SDL_ttf-release-2.22.0/external/harfbuzz/src/hb.hh:147:

Not sure how to proceed.

As far as I know SDL2_ttf has not had an external dependency on FreeType or Harfbuzz for quite some time, they are embedded in the library now (In the external/freetype and external/harfbuzz directories). What version do you have?

Check out the contents of

I noted that it is 0 size. I can retest it. But when I do not aware of this external dependence and assume all are similar to image, I just do the same procedure like image. It does not work. Hence I tried to get the external dependence. Dinner now. Will test afterwards.

Those directories are empty in ‘Source code’ ( but not in That is somewhat confusing, I admit.

Done it. It seems for some reason my procedure (for image and still is!!) using the “source”. Now I noted there are actually 2 SDL_ttf zip, one is the (source) release zip and the other is the one you pointed at. That solve the problem. Thanks.