SDL_TTF with cleartype

I used SDL_TTF to render small texts, however, it was hard to see through monitor because it was too small. So I thought about cleartype which is a method to render text clearly with some colors.
So, I want to use it through SDL_TTF. How can I implement it?
(I tried subpixel rendering from this commit :


ClearType is a Microsoft technology. You need to use directly its API to use it, whereas SDL_ttf relies on Freetype. From “News & Update” ( ), it’s reported to be equivalent with subpixel hinting.

Do you see any change using subpixel hinting ? Some times fonts have no information to produce subpixel ?

hey, maybe you can try the patch ( here: ClearType-style LCD rendering · Issue #131 · libsdl-org/SDL_ttf · GitHub