SDL vsync and fullscreen

Hi List.

First, many thanks to all for being various kinds of awesome. SDL is

Today I got my linux SDL/OpenGL program to compile and run in windows using
msys and mingw. I encountered several bizarre or horrible problems:

  1. Vblank does not turn off using SDL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL, 0),
    although I was able to get vblank disabled using a gross and nightmaresque
    procedure involving windows #ifdef’s and function pointers with
    wglGetProcAddress. I would rather not do this if it’s not necessary, as my
    code went up in grossness by an order of magnitude with these windows-only

  2. Fullscreen mode no longer works with code that was running very nicely in
    Linux. In linux, I use SDL_SetVideoMode with a set of flags that includes
    SDL_FULLSCREEN to set fullscreen and it works great. In windows, using this
    method makes my program crash. I do not know what is happening. Does anybody
    know what difference might exist in fullscreen functionality between windows
    and linux SDL behaviors? I’m using SDL 1.2.14.