SDL with C presentation video

I did a presentation on SDL with C for our online Knoxville Game Design meeting this month (December 2019). It’s intended for those who are already familiar with game programming environments (like GameMaker or Unity) and want to get started with SDL, so it is not an in-depth guide or tutorial. Basic things like getting a window on the screen, displaying sprites, displaying text, and playing audio. I also go into structures, pointers, and linked lists in C.

Here’s the video for anyone interested -

Here’s the post with presentation slides and show notes -

What a great video presentation. I found it very informative as a newbie.


Thanks for sharing such presentation. I read it carefully, and this is a nice introduction to SDL2 use, including on Windows (I’m doing the opposite, from Linux to target : Windows)

Just a little nitpick : since c99 standard, define BOOL is no longer needed: just include <stdbool.h> + use -std=c99 in the gcc command line, and bool type can be used.