Sdl with qtopia problem on video playing

I would like to use sdl on my qtopia platform with
vlc. I get problem when open a video on qvfb. (But no
problem with opening audio file.)

I am using sdl-1.2.6, vlc-0.5.2, mad-0.14.3b and

The configuration of sdl is
./configure --prefix=$BLDDIR --disable-esd-shared
–disable-arts-shared --disable-arts --disable-nas
–disable-diskaudio --disable-mintaudio
–disable-video-ps2gs --disable-atari-ldg
–disable-joystick --disable-video-dummy
–disable-alsa --disable-cdrom --disable-video-x11
–disable-nasm --disable-video-photon

The code of sdl is not modified or patched and
compiled successfully.

vlc config:
./configure --prefix=$BLDDIR --disable-dvd
–disable-dvdread --disable-freetype --disable-dvbpsi
–disable-vcd --enable-vorbis --disable-plugins
–enable-sout --disable-directx --disable-waveout
–disable-macosx --enable-sdl
–with-sdl-config-path=$SDLDIR/bin --disable-fb
–disable-xvideo --disable-gtk --enable-mad
–with-mad-tree=$MADDIR --disable-ffmpeg
–disable-dvdplay --disable-ogg --disable-mky
–disable-a52 --disable-slp --disable-libmpeg2
–disable-x11 --disable-wxwindows --enable-qt

I have modified one line of the makefile of vlc:
LDFLAGS_qt = -L$(QT2DIR)/lib -lqt -L$(QTEDIR)/lib
-lqte -ljpeg -L$(QPEDIR)/lib -lqpe -lpthread

vlc is also compiled w/o err.

But when I open a video in qvfb, I get a message from
Program recieved signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 1142106816 (LWP 25264)]
0x4012351e in QPEApplicationData::show(QWidget* ,bool)
from $QPEDIR/lib/

It seems sdl is not running no problem with qtopia…
(Some said one needed to modify and to get it work. Does it true?)

The screen size of the qvfb is 320x240.

Does anyone get a clue?

Thanks a lot!_______________________________________
YM - ???

Dear All,

I have used gdb step through the sdl program.

When my qtopia qvfb size is 320x240, sdl will have:

QT_AddMode (_this=0x83a59f8, index=3, w=240, h=320) at

While my qtopia qvfb size is 240x320, sdl will have:

QT_AddMode (_this=0x83a59f8, index=3, w=320, h=240) at

Both cause the segmentation fault defined in sdl
from QPEApplicationData::show(QWidget*, bool).

Could anyone tell me the clue to solve the problem?
Or give me the patch.

I think this error should be happened to others!

YM - ???