Sdl2.0. SDL_RWseek to End crashes on android 4


I opened file with SDL_RWFromFile from APK and tried to get it size with:

SDL_RWseek(fh, 0, RW_SEEK_END);

It’s working at least on Android 2.3 and crashing on android 4.0.3

File exists and handle is valid.

03-23 12:19:54.464: E/dalvikvm(563): JNI ERROR (app bug): accessed stale
local reference 0x1d200029 (index 10 in a table of size 3)

03-23 12:19:54.464: W/dalvikvm(563): JNI WARNING: 0x1d200029 is not a valid
JNI reference

03-23 12:19:54.464: W/dalvikvm(563): in
Lorg/libsdl/app/SDLActivity;.nativeInit:()V (CallIntMethodV)