SDL2 2.0.7 Android


I am having all sort of problems upgrading my android project to SDL2 v2.0.7.

I am now getting an ‘EGL bad display’ error when trying to create the app window, my no longer loading, a NoClassDef exception in ‘setOrientationBis’ with ‘Objects’ and a lots more weirdness including a very strange error with something called ‘getVibrator()’!

Is any of this stuff fixed in more recent versions of SDL2 or should I go back to the last version I was using for a while longer?

I found the desktop versions to be pretty good so far, but Android is always a real PITA and it seems like there are a lot of issues here. And this is before I even attempt to get admob running!


“EGL bad display” is something that I see often in logcat but it doesn’t seem to affect running my apps. Haven’t really looked into it, but I suspect it’s not the cause of your problems.

The ‘objects’ error is probably something that was fixed lately in SDL. I would not recommend using 2.0.7 for Android. There seems to be all kinds of problems with it. Try a newer snapshot or the latest sources if you need something new. The current version from mercurial that I’m using (almost current at least) has this issue with fullscreen mode but at least it’s building again.

Other problems don’t sound familiar. Maybe you may have not updated the SDL java sources of your android project with the new ones from the 2.0.7?

But yes, there seems to have been a lot of issues with the android version lately.

That would be my advice too. I’m still using 2.0.5 for my Android build, and I’m not planning to upgrade until the problems that have been reported are resolved. I’m not aware of any significant issues with SDL 2.0.5 that I need to be concerned about; if there are I would appreciate a heads-up.

Personally I rather liked it when SDL was stable and updates were released only every couple of years, and only after extensive testing. I’m not sure what is driving the ‘new regime’ but I’m not a fan!


Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll give the Android upgrade a miss for now!