Sdl2 alsa(dynamic) unabl to load libalsa/1.1.9

I wrote a stackoverflow question here.

The file that SDL2 is attempting to load is an arch file not an elf file. I am having trouble sorting out the details here. Is there something that I can set on SDL2 or am I overlooking something else?

.a files are static libraries that can be compiled (“statically linked”) into programs - trying to dlopen() them doesn’t make any sense at all, of course.
SDL should try to dlopen() (the corresponding dynamic library) - I really wonder what’s going wrong here, I can only assume that at SDL2’s compiletime (or probably before when it’s configured with ./configure or cmake) some magic tries to determine the full name of the .so to load ( vs etc) and somehow gets the static libs name?

(I don’t have time right now to look at what SDL2 actually does and thus what really goes wrong, maybe someone else knows?)

Is the .configure step optional in any way? I am asking because the conan package “sdl2/2.0.12@bincrafters/stable” does not contain a configure script at all.

cmake should do something equivalent to configure
(but it’s possible that SDL2’s cmake build for isn’t as tested as much on Linux as the autotools-based one that uses ./configure)

I created a post in the bincrafters comunity The recommendation points into the direction of my sound installation. I am trying to maybe reinstall some of it in the hopes that my installation is broken somehow. No sure what to reinstall though - so I will just start randomly installing uninstalling reinstalling stuff.

Eric Lemanissier created a pull request which seems to be part of the solution.