SDL2 Game Tutorials


I’m currently writing a series of tutorials about making games in SDL2. There are currently tutorials for making a 2D shoot 'em up and for making a top-down arena style shooter. You can find them here:

A platform game is planned next, and then some stuff about using joypads, quadtrees, and all other stuff.

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There used to be some tutorials up on parallelrealities a long time ago wasn’t there?

I remember that web address. It had tutorials on how to make a 2D platormer on there.

The SDL1 tutorials have been moved here:

Given that they’re SDL1, they’re out of date. A platform game tutorial series for SDL2 will start in the new year :slight_smile:

I used those tutorials as a base for a game I did a fair while ago. 2D platformer. Created a level editor and everything.

Now using that in a HEAVILY modified form for my current game. Porting it over to a SDL2 was a real pain, but got it to work in the end.

This time round the Lazyfoo tutorials for SDL2 have been of immense help in trying out the more advanced stuff that SDL2 offers.

Thank you very much for those SDL 1.2 tutorials. They were of MAJOR help in working out how to do stuff.

That’s excellent! Glad to hear they came in useful.

Do you have a video or anything of the game in progress? I’d love to see it.

For the platformer:

For the one I’m working on now:

Game is about 99.9% done, and I’ll be putting it on Steam when I have the options screen done.

And for your next bunch of tutorials: If they were either for a 2D racing game, or a first person dungeon crawler that’d be quite interesting.

Great work, Icemann. I hope it does well on Steam! :+1:

An addendum to our earlier conversation: CrossTrix is set for release on Steam on January 2nd :).

Good luck with the game. Hopefully it’ll be well received.

The tutorial series is continuing to go well. There are now tutorials for creating a 2D shooter:

a top-down mouse controlled shooter:

and a new platform game tutorial:

Amazing, I’m learning a lot with this SDL2 tutorials, something about QUADTress, Joypads and Isometric projections would be amazing.

I ended up working out how to do it myself (for CrossTrix), but a tutorial for multiple joypad use would be good.