SDL2 is SDL3 I am confused

Hi team
I am new to SDL. I have used V 2.6.2 previously to test an SDL_BGI library, but need to update to the latest stable V2.
When I look at the release versioning 2.30.0 but on the main Github page it says " Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) Version 3.0". I see this with the addon libraries as well. When I search for information on this I find SDL3 with SDL2 compatible builds etc :confused:

How can I check, find, match up SDL2 libraries so that I can stay compatible with other wrappers/libraries built on V2?
I also need to obtain the latest V2 compatible addons.

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You can still find the code source for SDL2 on github. But the main branch is now for SDL3 development.
If you want to access the source code for the SDL2 version you need to switch branch, for instance if you go on the branch SDL2 you will see that the last commit is from 2 days ago.


Thank you very much for that :slight_smile:
One last question. How come the version 2 an 3 have the same release version numbers? I would have expected 3.x.x rather than 2.30.1 for both V2 and V3.

Or are the release versions only 2.x.x regardless of the branch and there is no v3.x.x release?
I just did a hash on each release and they are binary identical between the V3 and V2 branch.
I am still new with some aspects of Github.

[Edit] OK, I think I got it. When I look at Branches I can see that only the SDL2 branch has a release.

SDL3 hasnโ€™t been born yet โ€” itโ€™s a work in progress, there has been no official release yet.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I worked it out from Ploppy, but the extra confirmation is helpful :slight_smile:
Stacking my Winlibs with the latest know. Just trying to work out how to build the SDL2_rtf dll
Iโ€™m used to using mingw32-make with makefile so Cmake etc is a bit new to me atm :slight_smile:
Have a good day and thank you.