SDL2 latest fails to launch and Windows shows error code "0xC0000279"

I need a bit of help. I am using Visual Studio 2022 with SDL2 and one day after shutting down my computer I can no longer debug my program or run it standalone for some reason. It worked perfectly the night before and I did not change anything in project configuration or my path variable. I’ve made sure I’m up to date on all libraries and everything should be working, but I can’t find a reason why it’s not. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?

Update: I’ve tried building and debugging the Lazy Foo SDL2 Hello World project and it also shows this error.

Sorry! I forgot about this thread!

I’ve solved my problem temporarily. I dropped the SDL2 DLLs into System32 and I can build, so I believe either my project was misconfigured or something is wrong with Windows.