SDL2_mixer not building with Android Studio

I’ve followed Lazy Foo’s tutorial #52 and got SDL2 working on Android Studio, and I’ve got SDL2_image working with his tutorial #53 as well. I tried adding SDL2_ttf and SDL2_net in the same way as I did SD2_image and they both work fine. But, when I add SDL2_mixer I get build errors.

(I’m using the current downloads: Android Studio 3.0.1, SDL2 2.0.7 and SDL2_mixer 2.0.2, and Windows 10)

Any help would be much appreciated!

I tried installing everything from scratch and got the same build errors again.

But, I just downloaded SDL2_mixer 2.0.3 and everything seems to magically work now, so thanks to whoever fixed whatever was broken! I really appreciate it!