[SDL2]Multi-channel and 360 video

Hello everyone.

I’m kinda new to SDL and would like some advices for my project, just to be sure if I’m not running into a wall.

I’m currently researching for a multi-channel (at least 4) solution to implement in a 360 video player, so after some comparisons with OpenAL/OpenAL_Soft/… I decided to go with SDL2.

Basically I need the 4 channels (front/rear/left/right) playing simultaneously (different ambient sounds) so Mix_Chunk will be used. I will need to apply some effects (Mix_SetPanning) in order to simulate an immersive sound.
The setting of the panning/volume of each tracks will change depending of the mouse position (SDL_MouseMotionEvent).

Do you think working things out this way is feasible ? or should I expect major problems ?

Thanks in advance.