SDL2 Santa!

All, I present you a silly little game I’ve made in SDL2, to celebrate Christmas / the Holidays / this Seasonal Period.

In the game, you play as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, as he attempts to deliver gifts and coal to children on the Naughty and Nice list.

Things have gone slightly wrong this year, as all of Santa’s reindeer have caught a stomach bug, so are laid up in bed. Santa therefore needs to cover the night all by himself. Unfortunately, he has departed the North Pole before his sleigh was fully stocked, and so he’s low on gifts and coal. Thankfully, the elves have offered to use their magic to teleport gift and coal sacks to him, to help him out. Unfortunately, their magic has gone slightly wrong, and has also enchanted a bunch of nearby snowmen, who are now intent on ruining the night for everyone!

Score as many points as you can, to get on the highscore table! Might keep you amused for a few minutes :wink:

Free download from