SDL2 to replace joydev in Linux?

Hello, I want to access the events of a rather simple joystick (custom hardware, one axis and no buttons) after proper calibration in an embedded Linux system. This system can only run command-line tools, no GUI available.

I used evtest to read the joystick events and evdev-joystick to set min/max/flat/fuzz accordingly. When I run evtest again, I see a summary with the new calibration, but the values I get are the same as before.

The old Joystick API makes use of the joydev device driver to make corrections and clamping, but that device driver is not available when the newer evdev API is used.
I am therefore looking for an evdev solution that makes use of the calibration I set and I would like to know if SDL2 is the way to go. I would expect values in the -32767, 32767 range with the dead zone around the centre, like the ones delivered by jstest after the calibration with jscal when the old API is used. Do the SDL2 functions deliver corrected values like that? Apparently SDL2 has some testing tools, but they seem to be based on a graphical interface so they are not suitable for me.

Thank you and best regards.