SDL2_ttf italic kerning

I’m rendering italic text using TTF_RenderUTF8_Blended(), with the DejaVuSans font and TTF_STYLE_ITALIC, but the kerning is hopelessly wrong:


This is using SDL2_ttf version 2.0.15 and FreeType version 2.9.1, which as far as I’m aware are up-to-date. I’ve tried explicitly enabling kerning using TTF_SetFontKerning() but it makes no difference. What am I doing wrong here?

I remember to have fixed something like this so this should be fixed in the latest SDL_ttf head sources

Thanks. I’m using the pre-built DLL (on Windows), not compiling from source, so do you know when this might make it into a release?

Sorry, I don’t know when a new version will be tagged.
Building on window shouldn’t be much more difficult than opening the existing project and clicking to generate the dll.

Perhaps, if I had Visual Studio or some other suitable IDE installed, but I don’t!

Another advantage of the pre-built binaries is that a compatible libfreetype-6.dll is included; I’ve found in the past that trying to mix different versions of SDL2_ttf and FreeType often doesn’t work. :frowning: