SDL2 Tutorials Question

I’ve dove into the world of SDL2 and have never spent any time with the previous versions of SDL. That being said I do well learning with video tutorials and found a “Pong Clone” tutorial that is done in SDL1.2. I assume there would be no easy way for someone new to SDL to follow this and implement SDL2 code where they are using 1.2.

So can anyone think of any video tutorials where they clone oldder games for educational purposes that are updated for SDL2? I’ve found the “Let’s make an RPG” series and while it does help quite a bit and I’m slowly following it and using it for reference, I think it’s scale is much greater than something much simpler, like a “pong clone”

Thanks folks.

I think many of SDL1.2 is still applicable in SDL2 (I haven’t touch the 1.2 for a long time, I may be mistaken). You can use the same tutorial to create a game in SDL2. After that takes the SDL2 tutorial (esp. the render-API which is not present in SDL1.2). At this point you should be good to go.

Also if you don’t mind the non-video tutorial, Lazy Foo’s Production has a good tutorial on SDL2. You might not need the video tutorial at all.

Last but not least, while the video tutorial is a good start, you might want to invest a bit more on a couple of game programming books. Look for good books on Game Engine design, or maybe Game Architecture. Theses books would teach you better high-level game coding without diving in too much details on APIs or platforms. I think “Game Architecture and Design: A New Edition” is pretty good even for beginners. I haven’t on the hunt for books for quite a while now, there might be even better book out there…

Oh nice. I didn’t know that lazyfoo updated his tutorials for SDL2. I’ll give them a look.