SDL2 with fbdev support (no GPU)

Is fbdev(frame buffer, no GPU) on Linux supported in SDL2.x at all? there are wide use cases for plain framebuffer in the embedded device space and I think SDL1.x supports that, however I could not find documentation or posts to confirm that fbdev is supported in SDL2.x, so far various reading told me there is no fbdev(non-accelerated as there is no GPU) support in SDL2,x, is it true?

My embedded devices also needs this feature,but it is not supported in SDL2. I hope it can be added in later release versions.

You should look at using the directfb backend, you should be able use it with a unaccelerated linux framebuffer

if you do end up using sdl’s directfb backend, you should say so in Is anyone using DirectFB? to ensure that directfb support doesn’t get removed

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