SDL3 Access?


A friend of mine was talking about the release of SDL3. I’m trying to do a search on it, but nothing is popping up.

Is there a place to find more information about this and does the public have access to it?

Sorry, I might be an idiot but I’m not finding anything on it except a talk thread in October '22


A good amount of info here and on GitHub

The main branch on GitHub has the SDL 3 code

Here is the progress:

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Hey, thanks guys. I don’t know why I couldn’t find that easily, haha.

Much appreciated. I bookmarked it all, so if this isn’t a good thread, go ahead and delete it! Sorry!

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This was a good question, I’m glad you asked it.

SDL3 is still in progress, we haven’t had an official release of it yet. If you need something now, SDL2 is still the gold standard. We’re making great improvements for SDL3, and I think everyone will like it when it’s ready, though!

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