SDLK_BACKQUOTE on different keyboards

When I run my program, and I hit the ` key (aka backquote, on the same key as ~ (tilde) on my keyboard), the program doesn’t return the right key symbol.

Here’s the data for what’s returned (the members of the event.key.keysym struct):
scancode 148 "
unicode 0

Does anyone know what’s going on here? I tried this program on another computer (with a different type of keyboard) and it worked properly. However, my keyboard isn’t unusual (as far as I knew!), so I don’t know what could explain this problem. Is there some other key symbol I should be using for the ` key? Other keys work fine (the correct symbol gets returned).

When I run checkkeys.exe, I get this output when I press tilde:
Unknown Key (scancode = 148) pressed modifiers: NUM
Unknown Key (scancode = 148) released modifiers: NUM
This corresponds to the invalid output I’m getting from within my program.

However, the tilde key words perfectly for me in other games (eg quake), and in other programs (eg when I typed this ``` ~~~), so I’ve got to assume that something wonky is going on in SDL. Is there something I can do to fix this?

And just for reference’s sake, I’m running windows XP, the keyboard is an HP 6511-UK multimedia keyboard, in the united states layout. c4768-60101 is the version number.

Thanks :smiley: