SDLK_MENU regression (Android)

With SDL 2.0.10 an Android app running on the Amazon Fire TV Stick reports an SDLK_MENU event when the menu button is pressed on the remote control. However it seems that in SDL 2.26.2 that no longer happens. I’m still getting the expected events from the other buttons and the navigation wheel, but not the menu button.

How can I patch 2.26.2 to restore the SDLK_MENU event when pressing the Fire Stick menu button?

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Does the lack of a response mean this regression isn’t going to get fixed? Is the menu button on the Amazon Fire remote no longer supported in SDL2 (it used to be)? What about SDL3?

It doesn’t work in SDL3 either. Lack of response is because not many developers are using Android. If I knew more about the inner workings of SDL & Android I’d give it a look.

Did you report a bug in SDL’s issue tracker?

No, the main GitHub repository is now SDL3 (see the and I haven’t found anywhere to report SDL2 issues. Is there one?

I’ve patched my copy of SDL2 to workaround the issue, but it isn’t a general solution because it means that KEYCODE_MENU is now only processed as a keyboard event and never as a game pad event.

I guess the readme doesn’t really say it, but the libsdl-org/SDL github repository is for both SDL2 and SDL3 - issues can be reported for either (it’s probably good to say in an issue report which version you’re using though), and there are active branches in the repository for SDL2’s code.

That sounds potentially very confusing, especially if there isn’t a formalized way of indicating in the title which it is.

Most of the time people specify SDL 2 or 3 in the issue title if it matters.

The main repository is always the latest development version of SDL, with SDL2 having its own branch.

I’ve posted the issue on github: Amazon Fire TV SDLK_MENU event no longer being triggered · Issue #7318 · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub

Because SDL3 inherited this bug from SDL2, the fix will most likely be merged into both branches.

@rtrussell can you head over to this issue on Github and give @slouken more info to help identify / fix?