SDLU 2.0 released!

The SDL Utility Library (SDLU) is a cross-platfrom development library
that provides APIs to make development of SDL2 apps faster and easier.

It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, with a Raspberry Pi
port planned for the future.

The source code is available at bitbucket 1. There is also a website 2
and a small blog 3 which I mostly use to announce the development

The library is available under the zlib license (same as SDL2).

Some of its main features are a powerful Button API that blends with SDL
nicely, an extensible 2D Sprite API, collision detection functions,
OpenGL texture loading functions, a simple to use Text Rendering API
and much more.

The library is considered to be stable with many of the bugs having been
fixed. New features are planned, and I’m very open to your suggestions and/or
feature requests.

This is the first public release, and is intended to make the library known
to the world, in the hope that it will be useful for every SDL developer out

You can download the 2.0 source code from bitbucket4, or the website[5].
Source code releases include pre-generated documentation in HTML format.

– Aggelos Kolaitis

[5]: ‘Downloads page (website)’------------------------
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