Search help to compile on windows

Hi all,
I need help to compile on windows, i have made a personal project for me and my friends, some have linux, some like me have a raspberry pi, some have windows, but i can’t succeed to compile on windows, or linux by cross compilation. Can someone take a look in my project. I don’t find a solution for compile it.

I have tried on windows with minGW, i have installed it, unzip SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_net in the minGW directory, have use mingw32-make but i have lot of error. On cross compilation a symbole “-mwindows” have not be recognized on the linking phase.

i someone won’t take a look say it i send it the link to the github repository.



ps: i’m french, sorry if thet have some error in my post.

I would recommend MXE (, as an easy way of setting up a Linux-to-Windows cross-compiler.

I’m using it for some of my projects, and I have scripts that set everything up. The most current one - though not the simplest (it checks out data repositories, builds DEBs, RPMs, ZIP archives etc) would be Kobo Redux ( Look at the ‘configure’ script in particular; it sets up native and cross builds. This is using CMake, but the CMake site explains how to set it up for other build tools.