Showcase of sdl1

I had another email but it seems to have vanished. In general I was saying
here is an sdl1 game where I try to showcase sdl1. It’s available online
do the same with that as an example for those converting sdl1 stuff to sdl2
Are there more sdl1 things I should showcase in here to show the conversion
from the one to the other? Should I maybe add something into this sdl1
example, knowing it will convert to sdl2 showcasing sdl2 better? I want the
conversion to show the best of 2d in sdl1 and 2.
Anyway it’s free for anyone to use in any way within the license of the sdl
it’s made with.
Feel free to show me or tell me what you think I may be doing wrong or what
you think I should add to show the one lib or the other like I said. Thanks
in advance my website and my forum (links below). I will convert it to sdl2 and