Showcasing SDL2 game engine in a robotics application

Hello, good people,

I would like to showcase my personal implementation of a hobby C++ 2D game engine build upon SDL2 family of libraries.
I’ve created many interesting projects based on it, but probably my proudest achievement is integrating it into the robotics application domain.

I was able to construct an educational C++ robotics repository aimed at teaching robotics enthusiasts entry-level robotics concepts.
In late 2022 I used that repository while conducting complete robotics training for a group of 30+ people. If you are interested - more information and videos can be found in the above-listed repo.

The “SDL part” of the training consisted of several competitive visual mini-games.
In each game, the student’s goal was to control a Roomba-like robot and had to fulfill different tasks.
A short video demonstrating all of the “Robo Games” video link.

Last, but not least (and sadly not directly SDL related) - the same repository was used to make an actual robot play jenga and even give away roses (video link).
The rose-giving part was an idea of mine for International Women’s Day for my fellow female colleagues. Feel free to ignore my “pretty” face on the video, where I test the setup :slight_smile:

Why am I showcasing this?

  • To give a fresh example of SDL usage and hopefully to get a smile out of you
  • To help someone with the issues I’ve managed to solve in the repository throughout the years
  • To get feedback. Positive, negative, or constructive criticism - all are welcome

If you’ve liked what I’ve done - I would be really grateful if you comment, share, or even star the repository.


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