Size of mercurial repo

This is more of an open question, and may probably just be overlooked by the majority of this community. However, I would to ask whether ‘shrinking’ the SDL2 hg repository is ever going to happen.

Seriously, I mean, when trying to get SDL via mercurial (hg clone, downloading the repo takes up so much time to download over 100MB of source code history that is practically of no use. And the size of the active files in the repository right now is more or less 10MB. This would not have been a problem with git (git clone --depth 1), but mercurial forces you to get the whole repository in your system.

I don’t say the history should be removed, nor do I want that. But why not keep as an old, deprecated repo where all old versions are kept, and create a new one (eg that will only contain SDL2-2.0.0 and later?

I am also convinced that other people with limited bandwidth or internet speed would be benefited from that. Thoughts?

– Aggelos Kolaitis------------------------
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