snake game fix?

im working on a snake clone that i started from making a 2d tron-like demo, and ive almost finally got to grips on how to grow the snake(this is my only issue with this type of game), it grabs all the objects, but will only grow once and then will stop growing, despite the number for the amount of tail elements going up, ive tried at this for an hour and cant seem to get it right, here is a text file containing the code(as well as text files for all the custom include files)

demo: SnakeDemo.txt (5.3 KB)
included file: Tileset_engine.txt (4.5 KB)
files for included file in the included file: advilib_cpp.txt (2.6 KB) advilib_h.txt (457 Bytes)

im pretty sure the issue is in the MovePlayer() function

Update: The player grows but the tail placements are completely static and dont move with the flow of the player, here is the updated code: SnakeDemo.txt (4.4 KB)