Some sort of Wiki for SDL setup instructions?

Years back I used the LazyFoo tutorials to get me set up with SDL on Windows and Android, but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever update those pages and they’re so out of date now they don’t seem to work for new projects.

I’m no expert on these things but could there be an official instructions Wiki type thing which we could update ourselves and comment on as Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio and SDL itself change over the years?

It seems a shame to have something so excellent as SDL, and yet it might be impossible for a newcomer to even use it as there are no up to date instructions (for my latest Android game I gave up on the LazyFoo instructions and copied and pasted one of my existing projects and changed all references to the new game’s name. I’d have probably given up if I was a newb).

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There’s Android - SDL Wiki and SDL/ at main · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub

Can’t say anything about how helpful those instructions are, as I don’t develop for Android

(One can make direct edits to the page, and if you just want to mention parts that are lacking, we also are grateful for feedback!)

Thanks, I’ve been a programmer all my life and I make my living from my games but I’m just nowhere near as smart as you guys here. Unless there’s a super simple set of instructions like Lazy Foo’s I just don’t understand it. I can follow a set of pictures telling me what menus and dialog boxes to click on, but when you start talking about GCC toolchains I’m lost!

You’ve done an astonishing job with SDL but simpletons like me wouldn’t be able to pick it up without up to date clear guides!

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