Sound lagging on Windows

Hi all,

I just finished first playable version of my game. I have made both
Windows and Linux binaries, and there is something strange. The Linux
version works great, but in Windows the sound effects lag a little.

I’m using SDL_mixer to play music and sound, but it seems like to
problem is in SDL itself. I’m using sdl.dll which I built myself with
cygwin. I also tried .dll file from website (the one compiled with VC),
and with it the sound effects work at right time, but make some strange

I also tried to use my sdl.dll with some other games (like barrage of
Michael Speck), and there is a lag there also, so I’m pretty sure that
there is some problem with .dll files that are made in cygwin environment.

Is anyone here willing to take my sources and compile with VC?

My game is an OpenSource project, and I put everything on SourceForge:

P.S. The music in game works perfect, only the sfx lag.

Of course, I’m using latest SDL version (1.2.5)

Milan Babuskov