Spurious SDL_MULTIGESTURE events (2.0.8, iOS)

Here’s a strange one. Using 2.0.8 on iOS, after changing and then restoring the GLES context (i.e. doing SDL_GL_GetCurrentContext … do some GL stuff … SDL_GL_MakeCurrent) single touch gestures are giving rise to SDL_MULTIGESTURE events! Specifically, a single-finger drag gesture is being reported as a two-finger pinch!

This didn’t happen in 2.0.7 so I’ve reverted to that as a workaround. Any ideas why the GL context is seemingly interfering with touch gestures, and how I might resolve it?

It seems that this isn’t a complete fix. Although 2.0.7 is far less prone to the problem, I have had reports of it happening. Once in the state that a single-touch gesture gets reported as a multigesture event, only shutting down and restarting the app restores normal operation.

Can somebody familiar with the iOS port of SDL2 comment on whether this is most likely to be an SDL issue or something in iOS itself getting confused as to how many touch points there are.