Starting from small to big: Writing with SDL, bindings, future game engine?

Hi, I recently got a hold of SDL files. I want to write simple games, other language bindings and a future game engine built on it, of course overtime, expecting to take years. I do however want to ask some questions on a roadmap to understanding the entire stack piece by piece.

I will be mostly developing on Desktop at first (Pop Os/Ubuntu Base/Win11 Dualboot.). I would say I know enough C to ‘get by’, having written and used very simple stuff admitedly. I expect someone might say that SDL is not a good entry point to C, but I have plenty of time so I will take anything.

I just want some general tips, a ‘lay of the land’ and maybe some pointers from more experience SDL/Game Devs out there. I look forward to talking and getting to know you all! Merry Christmas! And happy holidays/new year!

Hi there!

You just have to start then the more specific questions will come out on their own.
LazyFoo tutorial was a starting point for many, it has guidance from the SDL setting-up to the game-related basics.

I believe C is apparently a wrong choice for creating something new in the modern environment, but if you have a specific goal of mastering C as a secondary outcome or to challenge yourself then there’s no problem, you will use C together with SDL and learn them in parallel.

The very first step is to understand SDL API and how to use it, and setting-up basic application template (window/event loop/render/exit).

For the first exercise, you should choose something simple like minesweeper or tic-tac-toe, to understand basics about data generation/utilization, handling inputs, ways to handle game assets, maintaining game’s state and displaying it.

Merry Christmas to you too, I wish you luck to achieve your goals.