Successful lcc builds, anyone?

I’ve used SDL with gcc for a Linux binary, and VC for an Intel Win32
binary, but I decided I wanted to release my project with the binary
compiled with LCC. Unfortunately, I cannot get my project to compile.
Windows never being my native environment for coding (DOS was, then
Linux), is there a difference in the format of .lib files between

I read the SDL FAQ, and it says:
Q: Does it work?

Windows NT ?

Alright. Fair enough. However, is there any way to get an unsupported
compile with lcc? :slight_smile: How much hacking would that take? I have VC5
sitting right here as well.A: Yes. SDL supports VC++ 5.0 and Cygnus Mingw32 under Win95 ?, Win98 ?,

Michael Labbe (not the pedophile)