Testwm.c error in Dev-C++

Hey all,
I’ve been having problems compiling the testwm.c that comes with the CVS
build of SDL. More specifically, the function listed below. It appears
Dev-C++ can’t use the logical not operator on non-bool types?

void HotKey_ToggleGrab(void)
SDL_GrabMode mode;

printf(“Ctrl-G: toggling input grab!\n”);
mode = SDL_WM_GrabInput(SDL_GRAB_QUERY);
if ( mode == SDL_GRAB_ON ) {
printf(“Grab was on\n”);
} else {
printf(“Grab was off\n”);
mode = SDL_WM_GrabInput(!mode); /* Error occurs here */
if ( mode == SDL_GRAB_ON ) {
printf(“Grab is now on\n”);
} else {
printf(“Grab is now off\n”);

The errors reported are as follows:

[Warning] In function `void HotKey_ToggleGrab()’:

cannot convert bool' toSDL_GrabMode’

C:\Documents and Settings\Granoblastic Man\My Documents\Dev-C++
[Build Error] […/…/…/…/SDL-1.2.6/test/testwm.o] Error 1