Texture data gets lost when switching windows

I’ve been having some problems with SDL windows lately. I open a window in
Delphi (a standard Windows form) with an SDL_Window embedded in it. I load a
texture and draw it, and it works fine. I open a second window, also with an
SDL_Window embedded in it, load textures and draw them, and it works fine. Then
I close the second window, which unloads everything, and go back to the first
window, and suddenly I can’t draw the textures that were previously loaded. All
I get is solid white. Has anyone seen this before? Any idea as to what’s going
on and how I can fix it?

I haven’t toyed with the API too much and haven’t even tried multiple windows, but aren’t textures tied to the render driver?
Is a render driver tied to a window, or is one render driver used for all of the SDL windows? This may be the source of the issue. I think each window should have a different render driver (well, make it possible to use the same render driver, but a different instance).------------------------
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