Thank you for helping

Thanks for helping with the development of our game, Silverspeed. We have just released the beta demo of the game on our website and added a new youtube video at . The demo currently runs on windows and linux, think I have the bugs with switching to fullscreen in windows and linux worked out in the beta-r4 release (uploading now).

Our game would not have been possible without the SDL Fourms.
Thank you, and please check out the video and demo.

I ran it on a win xp and after level one it stopped showing enemies but would not start level 2. Every once in a while I would get hit also as if there were invisable enemies on the screen. Not sure it’s ready for release

It’s just a one level demo at the moment, when it comes out of beta there will be a two level demo.
As for the invisible enemies, that shouldn’t be happening, it might be in a place where the background is the same colour as the bullet, and your not seeing the bullet ( which we are going to fix ), or there is an actual bug, I will look into it…
Also there is one thing that isn’t mentioned anywhere, you can’t let enemies get from one side of the screen to the other, you will lose a life if they do, so it could have been that.

Thanks for taking the time to test our demo and respond, it’s a big help.

No, I’m saying at the end when the level 1 is over, and there are no enemies or bullets I still get hit every once in a while as I fly through empty space. I’m sure you’ll work it out. The slick vaneer of the game graphics is awesome by the way. There is a certian style to it.

Fixed that bug in the current working build, just have to finish off the end of level score/awards screen before I can release an updated demo. The last bullets the boss fired were staying on the screen, they weren’t being drawn, but collision detection was still being performed. Also fixed the bug where boss bullets showed up on the in game menu after the boss has been beaten. Will be releasing an update that fixes those bugs, a few other bugs, and adds a few new improvements in the next few days, may also add a second level to the demo.