The Falcon Programming Language - SDL Module

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I want to announce the first release of our Falcon-SDL module:

The binding is not just a wrapper, as it also recodes SDL function
groups, structures and workflow into concepts nearer to the Falcon
language design. This in order to facilitate Falcon users in
delivering SDL based applications.

Currently, we support the vast majority of

    • SDL
    • SDL_ttf
    • SDL_mixer
    • SDL_image

and we plan to add motion related SDL modules support in near.

The module is currently deployed on MS-Windows, MacOSX, and GNU/Linux;
we plan to add Solaris and BSD shortly. Also, AMD64 builds have been
tested and reported working although we did not officially released
them yet.

May it be possible for Falcon to be listed among the languages
supporting SDL?

Our official site is:

As a side note, we’re also searching for people willing to give us a
hand in making our SDL binding simply the best way to use SDL (other
than directly, obviously). In particular, we need help to complete the
coverage of our binding and integrate SDL messaging with our Virtual
Machine messaging system; also, we want to provide directly in this
module, or in a related module, a simple GUI system for full screen
applications (i.e. games).

Bests and thanks in advance,
Giancarlo Niccolai.

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