The Stenographers Gamepad

For anyone looking for a hobby

Here’s the idea: A stenographers’s keyboard has about 19 keys (different configurations exist), and some of those are the same key repeated over on the other hand:
With this limited set of keys, and a couple of neat tricks, a speed of over 300 words per minute can be reached.
My theory is that a game controller is created to be more ergonomic, more comfortable to hold in position for over an hour at a time… So perhaps similar speeds can be reached with your favorite game controller even though there may be fewer buttons, and my hope is that this could help prevent/reduce repetitive strain injury. → (Disclaimer: This is not studied on my part, though I suspect a lot of money went into the design of many game controllers to prevent said types of injuries)
image image

A large chunk of the challenge is that you need to create or learn a chained-keystroke dictionary. It is like learning to spell and write your own language all over again, so it will take a while before you reach professional speeds.
I have my own day-one prototype code “working” though it’s in a very primitive stage. It’s not at a point that I might want to share the code.
Having said that, it’s an interesting project. I’d really recommend it as a fun experiment for anyone with the time on their hands.