Touch/mouse broken on iOS?

After changeset 12682 touch is no longer working in our Exult app on iOS.
Is there an easy other app that I can test again that just drops in SDL2?

The Demos are also somewhat horrible broken and need update for the metal renderer.

Maybe it’s because it uses uiwindow delegates. Need to find a good other test case to compare it to.

I had this issue as well and patched locally:

I’m sure there’s a more elegant approach

Thanks for confirming that it’s not our fault :wink:

curiously this patch does not work for me.

We use a custom -DIPHONE define in our builds – you may have to use something else, such as #if TARGET_OS_IPHONE or #if (__APPLE__ && TARGET_OS_IPHONE) instead :slight_smile:

D’OH! using the standard __IPHONEOS__
that SDL uses (and we also :)) it works.
Now the UIAlertController acts up when a text input field comes up. It will show the text input but the keyboard won’t pop up :frowning:

Uh oh :sweat:

I hadn’t tested text input

Touch was fixed by but UIAlertController is still broken. Can anyone point me to a small app/game that uses (current) SDL2 and can be tested for it.