Triptych new SDL game

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July 10, 2002
For Immediate Release
Contact: Josiah Pisciotta (831) 426-2330

Chronic Logic Announces Release of Triptych for PC,Linux, and Mac

Chronic Logic announces the release of Triptych, a new fast-paced puzzle
game from the creators of the bridge building game Pontifex.

Triptych takes classic puzzle game elements and incorporates a dynamic
physics engine to give an experience that differs from the standard
puzzle game. Blocks are pulled down by gravity as you move them around
and give them rotational velocity to align them properly. Touch three
blocks of the same color together and they become energized and now have
the ability to energize other blocks of the same color. This can cause
huge chain reactions that will build up your bonus so that you can rack
up points. Smash blocks together to get them to bounce off each other
and make them go where you want them (or in some cases, where you don’t
want them). The game board is a living body of blocks that moves on its
own, and your ability to manipulate it will be the key to success. As
you go up levels by keeping the blocks below the end line, you will have
less time to place the blocks, so you’ll have to think fast to survive.
Triptych offers levels of difficulty suited for all types of gamers.

Triptych costs $14.95 and can be purchased at To
sample Triptych, please visit the site to download the free trial
version. Triptych uses OpenGL and SDL.


Press evaluation version available upon request.